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Monday, November 14, 2011

And now for something completely different...

Every so often I'll stray off topic here and today is one of those days.  I'm highlighting a new DVD release from Dreamworks, a Dragons two-pack, featuring a charming new 22 minute short with the How to Train Your Dragon characters called Gift of the Night Fury and a separate DVD, Book of Dragons.  Why am I announcing it?  Shameless self-promotion.  Renegade Animation contributed to Book of Dragons along with Shine, the studio that did the end credits for How To Train Your Dragon, to create the 17 minute shortBook of Dragons is meant to assist gamers in playing the new Dragons online video game but within the video, squeezed between cool After Effects animation segments by Shine, you'll find about 8 minutes of good ol' 2D stylized character animation done by Renegade.  I'm not at liberty to post any clips but here are some images from the 2D animation. 
Of course, the real star of this release is the charming, Christmas-themed, Gift of the Night Fury but don't miss Book of Dragons simply because you're not a gamer.  Gift was directed by Tom Owens and produced by Kate Spencer Lachance while Book was directed by Steve Hickner and produced by Lisa Freberg.  Character animation on Book was directed by me, produced by Jim Praytor and executive produced by Ashley Postlewaite.  You can buy the set here.


Rick Farmiloe said...

Darrell, the drawings look beautiful. I saw some clips of this at DW, and it looks really great! You should be really proud of your work. Hope it does really well. -Rick

Rob Watzke said...

Darrell, looks great, well done as always!