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Monday, October 11, 2010

What's new in the second edition

The good news is that the book, Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol, The Making of the First Animated Christmas Special will be back in print and, pending shipment from the printer, available next week.  The first edition exceeded sales projections and sold out so thank you to all of those who contributed to its success!  This new edition is not a straight reprint of the first one; once the book was published, people came forward with new information, art or documents that helped to refine the story of the film’s production.  There is no new art in the book but for those of you who are completists, here’s a compendium of what you will find new in this next edition:

p. 14-Short identified for background painting.
p. 22,23-New information regarding sponsors
p. 33-New theory regarding changed order of ghosts
pp. 41, 44, 45 & 49-New information regarding who did which voices
p. 48-New picture
p. 50, 51-New information on the dialogue recording session
p. 55-New information on Royal Dano’s role
p. 77-New information on an uncredited sequence director
p. 79-Graveyard sequence director corrected
p. 90-New information regarding NY debut party at the 21 Club
p. 97, 98-1977 paperback mentioned
pp. 116, 117-Credits added and corrected
p. 23, 32, 55, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 108, 109, 111, 112, 113, 126-Production drafts, which UPA staffers told me didn't exist, came to light after the book had been sent to the printer.  I was able to positively ID artwork as a result and have made the corrections in the new edition. 
p. 75, 86, 87-A few of the background paintings have now been positively identified as the work of others.

This edition has a smaller print run than the first so don't wait until Christmas.  You can pre-order the book here.


Mark Mayerson said...

Darrell, wouldn't it be fair to those who bought the first edition to post the actual additions and corrections rather than force people to buy a second copy?

Darrell said...

I don't believe any one is being forced or even asked to buy a second copy. It's fairly common for later editions of a book to be revised to correct errors or include new information. I have several editions of Leonard Maltin's Of Mice and Magic and The Disney Films by choice. I was never forced to buy the later editions. If all the new information had been available before the first edition went to press, you can be sure I would have included it.

Joe R. Frinzi said...

I for one am grateful that you are putting out a corrected second edition. My first edition will be a treasured keepsake (especially with yours and Marie Matthew's signatures) while the newer edition will be for reading and re-reading and sharing with others. Thanks Darrell for caring enough to do an update rather than a straight reprint.

Darrell said...

There was never any intention to do a second edition, let alone a corrected one, until the first edition sold out. I received orders last Christmas that I couldn't fulfill and continued to receive inquiries about a second edition all year. I decided that if there was going to be a second edition, it should contain the latest information, rather than hold out until some undetermined date in the future.

Tim Lones said...

I believe you did the best and most fair thing you could do with a second edition..I'll try to find a way to buy it down the road. If not, I'll still treasure my first edition copy..Was happy to review it last year..