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Thursday, December 15, 2011

50th Anniversary

Those of you keeping track will know that next year will be the 50th anniversary of Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol.  There are preliminary discussions to put out an expanded, commemorative edition of my book on the making of the special which would incorporate pertinent information from these blog posts as well as new artwork that has been uncovered since the last publication.  It would be a deluxe, premium priced limited edition of the book available next fall.  I'm putting out an all points bulletin soliciting additional information and images that would appropriate for this book and encourage those with material to contact me at  Due to my workload, I may not respond immediately so please bear with me.  I also hope to get a rough head count of those who might be interested in owning a copy of the proposed book in order to determine the edition size so please write if you have an interest.


Joe R. Frinzi said...

Being the fan that you know I am, all I can say is "Sign me up!" Glad to hear that the powers that be are open to this. Great news!

robert alvarez said...

Put me down for two copies. Now we really need to get together for you to scan more of the Magoo material. I can't wait till the new edition comes out. Robert Alvarez

C. Louis Wolfe said...

Definitely up for 1 or 2 Darrell!

Two questions-Is the latest Magoo dvd set worth purchasing if I have the previous (soft case) one? Also, I think you mentioned somewhere that they'll FINALLY be releasing 1001 Arabian Nights on DVD next year. Will this be a single release or part of another compilation? I've been waiting for this for a long time.

Merry Christmas n a Happy n healthy 2012 to you n your family!

Darrell said...

The set does contain previously released material, like The Mr. Magoo Show and What's New, Mr. Magoo? but it has material that was previously unavailable in any format. However, if you like The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo, then this latest set is a must-have. I also like the mini-documentary as it's the only time any of the artists who worked in the UPA TV era have been heard.

As for 1001 Arabian Nights, it will be part of the theatrical Magoo cartoon set to be released next summer. I understand you can buy it now as a print on demand item from Sony but I suggest waiting to get it as part of the upcoming set, which should also have a few nice bonus features including the 'making of' short produced at the time.

C. Louis Wolfe said...

THANKS so much for taking the time to answer my questions Darrell! Best to you! Thanks for all the work you do on this blog. VERY much appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

Sign me up for the book too. I ordered 1001 Arabian Nights from Sony (yes-I'll have another copy when I get the Shout DVD's) and the copy is extremely colorful with good sound & focus. I personally think they did a very nice job with the DVD.