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Monday, December 8, 2014

Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol, live

Douglas Sills, who will be performing the role of Magoo/Scrooge.
It's been talked about for years, doing a live, theatrical version of Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol and here's what might be the first step--a benefit concert featuring all the songs from the special sung by current Broadway performers.  The event happens December 15th in New York, details can be found here.  I understand it's being sponsored by Jule Styne's widow, Margaret Styne, with several other key players laboring behind the scenes for the last 18 months or so to bring it to fruition.  If any of you are fortunate enough (or well-off enough) to see it, write in with details.  Here's hoping it leads to a full-blown theatrical staging: an animated musical set on the Broadway stage actually being performed on the Broadway stage!


Unknown said...

Just got home from the show. I was so happy to be part of this special night the little issues with it are forgivable. It was done "in concert" style. Limited props & no scenery (a screen with assorted still shots from the original) which worked well. Excellent singing, and special kudos to Tiny Tim (met his grandmother in the restroom) & ghost of Christmas present. The orchestra on stage behind the action, a few times the background music drowned out the dialogue. And Magoo was sometimes difficult to hear, not sure if mic or acoustic issues. But overall enjoyed it immensely.

hp3nyc said...

I loved the concert/show and felt very blessed to have seen this amazing one-night-only performance. It was thrilling to hear the beautiful music sung live by talented singers and accompanied by a full orchestra. Incredible to believe all the hard work that must have gone into putting together this incredible piece for only one performance. I hope that it was recorded for a "Live CD". Also hope that this was a "test run" for possible future revivals. I think it certainly deserves inclusion in the category of classic Christmas entertainment.

Anonymous said...

I have yearned for years for this wonderful musical to be available for production in community theatre.
I hope that this production may have been a step in that direction.
Wish I could have been there for the concert version.