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Monday, November 16, 2020

Back in print!

 After 8 years of being out of print, I'm pleased to announce that my book on the making of the first animated Christmas special is back in print!  But wait, there's more!  This edition is softcover but instead of reprinting the 2009 book, this is a reprint of the 2012 deluxe slipcased 50th anniversary edition, which had 48 more pages than the original and over 200 more images.  This edition has the added bonus of 2 more pages with 6 more rare photos from the song recording session, photos that were uncovered years after the deluxe edition had sold out.  

To sum up, this printing has 180 pages vs the original edition's 128 pages and 439 images vs 232 in the original.  Because of the limited print run of the deluxe version (only 250 copies), very few people have seen the extra material.  If you only own the first printing, you owe it to yourself to get this version, it's the most complete edition ever printed.  Available online only from the usual suspects like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


William P. Dodge said...

Thank You so much for creating the new improved Mr.Magoo's Christmas Carol book!
I was lucky to edit many of the audio clips from Magoo's Christmas for our radio show on KBOO with cohost S.W. Conser, Darrell Van Citters and Jack Heiter,a background artist for this special--and what a treat it was to help Jack & Darrell tell the story of this landmark of animation history and hearing about Darrell's release of the first printing of this beautifully produced book. The complete show from Dec12,2009 is archived on it can be heard by entering Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol in "search"
Holiday Cheers,
Bill Dodge

Anonymous said...

Worth noting: after several years of being missing from broadcast or cable TV, the show is available for free on Peacock (owned by NBC).

Gord Wilson said...

Hi Darrell. When visitors come over they are attracted to your Mr. Magoo and Jay Ward books (who wouldn't be? I've been watching the Tom and Jerry Show on Boomerang and you directed them all. I love the Jerry Van Mousling ones with the cute little swill/ German mouses. Cheers, Gord Wilson.